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I Cosi: La Navicella Spaziale

I Cosi is an Italian cartoon created by Bruno Bozzetto, a famous Italian cartoonist. Read about Bruno Bozzetto in Italian on Wikipedia.it.

Watching cartoons is a great way to improve your understanding of spoken Italian. When you’re a beginner, listening to Italian at length can be very tiring. This cartoon is very short and you should be able to watch the whole thing easily even if you are a beginner. Beyond that, the characters speak with a variety of exaggerated accents, which will help you develop your ear for spoken Italian.

Personally, my favorite coso is Loco, because, like me, he still has some trouble speaking Italian! He’s also very cute. See?


Download the PDF for a transcription of an episode entitled La Navicella Spaziale and watch the video as you read along. Verbs and new words are highlighted to help you understand.

Download the Study Sheet

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