What to Study This Week: Ti trovo proprio in forma!

Ciao a tutti!

Last week volevo farvi una sorpresa. Siete stati sorpresi? Allora, this week I want to tell you what good shape you’re in!


Ti trovo proprio in forma!
You’re in great shape!

essere in forma
to be in good shape (to be fit)


Here we’re continuing with our episode of Il Commissario Manara, on Yabla. In this scene, Luca’s sister, Teresa, tells him this on the phone while she’s sneaking up behind him. She says:


Ma lo sai che ti trovo proprio in forma?
But you know, I’m finding you in good shape?


By the way, this isn’t Luca’s first clue che la sua sorella sta combinando qualcosa


in forma
in shape


Here are some more examples using in forma.


È così che si rimane in forma.
That’s the way one stays in shape.

Non sono così in forma come sembra.
I’m not in as good shape as I seem.

È in forma, tu sei in forma, siamo tutti in forma.
He’s in shape, you’re in shape, we’re all in shape.

Signor Lord, ti vedo in forma.
Mr. Lord, you’re looking fit.


And suppose you want to get in shape? To do that in Italian requires mettersi, a reflexive verb that means to put oneself – so – mettersi in formato put oneself into shape, that is, to get in shape!


mettersi in forma
to get in shape

Mi metto in forma per la festa.
I’m getting in shape for the party.

Questi ragazzi vogliono mettersi in forma.
Those boys want to get into shape.

Davvero, Ted, mettiti in forma.
Really, Ted, shape up.


And if you once were in shape and you need to get back into shape here’s how:


rimettersi in forma
to get back into shape (to get in shape again)

Stai cercando di rimetterti in forma.
You’re trying to get back in shape.


But the best way to start using this phrase? Tell someone what great shape they’re in!


Ma, ti trovo proprio in forma!


And that’s what to study this week. Alla prossima!


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If you feel your Italian is good enough to watch without Italian (or English) subtitles, this episode of Il Commissario Manara is also available for free from RAI. You will need to fast forward to exactly 48 minutes for the start of Un morto di troppo.



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