Canzone: Luce

Canzone: Luce
di Elisa
Difficoltà: intermedio
Tempi: imperativo, futuro, presente, passato prossimo

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Elisa is an Italian singer-songwriter (cantautrice) who mainly records in English. This song has an interesting history: it was originally written by Elisa in English.  The orginal title is Come Speak to Me (iTunes, Amazon). Elisa subsequently translated the song into Italian with the help of Zucchero, another Italian singer-songwriter (cantautore). There is also a Spanish version. How do you think the original lyrics compare with the eventual Italian ones?

Read more about Elisa in Italiano.

Il sole mi parla di te
mi stai ascoltando, ora
la luna mi parla di te
avrò cura di tutto quello che mi hai dato…




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